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Forest Sunrays

Original & Mature R&D

Customized Innovation

Whether you are trying to solve your challenging energy needs through the use of renewable energy or you are trying to reduce your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, SELE Solutions can help innovate by

·         Collaborating with you to first define the specific problem statement

·         Define specific desirable outcomes to characterize an innovative solution

·         Deliver an innovative solution to you that meets the criteria of the jointly defined problem statement and solution

University R&D Partnerships

With time to market being a key challenge for R&D innovation, SELE can help establish your leadership in innovation by:

  • Helping identify the university, research group, and research project that will help your business accelerate its time to market through collaboration.

  • Helping broker a partnership with the university research group.

  • Project managing the incorporation of the university's technology into your product to prove out the feasibility of the product.

Licensed SELE Technologies

SELE Solutions continues to invest in inventing key technologies in the clean energy and sustainability space that can help the planet's future.

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