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Late TRL R&D

Customized Innovation

Innovation comes naturally to us.  We think out of the box.  We are motivated by solving your problem in the best possible way to find the optimal engineering solution and the lowest impact to resources, be they financial, environmental or other.  Give us your problems, and inspire us to innovate!

Whether you are trying to crack a tough system design solution for your next sustainable energy solution or you are trying to create a better sustainable energy component to solve a specific problem statement, SELE Solutions can help innovate by

·         Collaborating with you to first define the specific problem statement

·         Define specific desirable outcomes to characterize an innovative solution

·         Deliver an innovative solution to you that meets the criteria of the jointly defined problem statement and solution

University R&D Partnerships

With an academic training in a variety of disciplines of physics at MIT, Harvard and the University of Michigan, and a deep understanding and years of direct application to a variety of industry domains, we can

  • help identify the university, research group, and research project that will help your business accelerate its time to market by collaborating with a university that has a matching technology that addresses your problem statement and is close to commercialization as evinced by credible published research in respectable peer reviewed journals

  • help broker a partnership with the university research group to incorporate your product's needs into a fast to market commercial solution by leveraging the university's knowhow

  • project manage the incorporation of the university's technology into your product by a series of well defined milestones to prove out the commercial worthiness of the product

Licensed SELE Technologies

SELE Solutions has invested its brainpower into inventing key technologies in the sustainable energy space that can help the planet accelerate adoption of clean energies for the benefit of our future generations.

As interested, we can work with you to license one or more of our technologies to benefit your bottom line and your children's lives.

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