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Why Us?

We have a track record in problem solving, value-added innovation, systems engineering and product development on numerous successful technology product and service launches in a diverse set of industries. 


This experience qualifies us to do the same for your business, to solve your problem statement and arrive at your desired target solution.

Custom solution per your preferences: Why Choose Us?

Whether you have an exceptionally aesthetic eye and wish to preserve the beauty of your property, or you are a pioneer seeking a solar solution that is incorporated in a specific structure on your property, we will work with you to solve the problem.  We enjoy a challenge, especially when it can serve a purpose, yours and the planet's.  Work with us and we will bring the sun to you.


Initial Solution Analysis: Why Choose Us?

We believe in and practice a disciplined and practical engineering approach toward product and solution development.  At the onset, we work efficiently with you to give you the analysis you need to make early decisions regarding your solution and to ascertain your customer level requirements needed to define your product with sufficient detail to meet your desired outcomes. We use the most reliable industry standard tools to make assessments and offer evaluations pertaining to your solution.


Financial Incentives & Permits: Why Us?

We understand that even the best technical solution is not practical without financial affordability and the support you need to seek all the necessary approvals and permits. We believe in applying the same rigor that we are accustomed to using in our engineering design, to ensure that we discover the best available financial incentives for the solution to make financial sense to you and also to expeditiously seek all necessary permits for your solution to be considered legitimate.


Engineering Design & Execution: Why Us?

We apply a robust systems engineering approach to specify the details necessary for successful solution development.  If you want us to do so, we can help you identify a suitable manufacturing/installation partner and then work alongside them to ensure that the product/solution is created as per specification.  Regardless, we provide you with a robust System Test Plan to ensure that the solution so developed meets the technical requirements that it was specified to.  Our validation procedure arms you with what you need to engage an independent 3rd party to validate that your manufacturing partner or installer has executed the solution to your original specification.  Similarly, a Quality Inspection Plan from us will allow you to get your solution independently inspected once fully developed and tested.  We work alongside you from early solution definition to final solution execution, validation and inspection.


Innovation: Why Choose Us?

Having worked in academia and industry, we have the credibility that makes an instant connection and long-lasting collaboration between the two worlds.  Even when universities offer paid liaison programs, the ability to successfully navigate the research community and efficiently study their publications in order to identify, define and execute meaningful R&D projects that lead to real world products, is a much sought-after skillset that our unique set of experiences have blessed us with.  We have established a repeated track record of entering new technology domains and mastering the domain knowledge with efficacy in order to innovate within it.  With the identification of exceptional research partners, this produces truly stellar results in record time to market of innovative product portfolios.


As primary drivers on countless projects that span across R&D, innovation, design, systems engineering, product execution, validation, launch and training, we have the real-world credo to move your projects to a successful launch to ensure that you are motivated to remain our long-term satisfied customer.


Our long track record with innovation gives us the insights necessary to innovate even in hitherto unfamiliar domains.  We leverage our innate innovation capabilities with efficacy and as needed identify the correct university research partner via the due diligence of reviewing the researcher’s published track record, and in-depth discussions with them to match them to your company’s innovation needs.  We are comfortable speaking the language of researchers, no matter the domain.

We have the experience to define your R&D problem aptly to ensure there is a clear path to a viable Proof of Concept with appropriate milestones that propel deliverables forward, yet do not stymie the innovative spirit of the research team.  We work alongside the R&D partners to add to the innovation in team-like fashion, even in domains that are relatively new to us, thereby accelerating results further.


Our Ivy League experiences have given us an honest appreciation of the benefits of cutting edge R&D at premier academic institutions, yet the same experiences ensure that we are not blinded by reputation alone, and are able to discern the subtle nuances that make a researcher an innovation powerhouse for real world problems even at lesser known academic institutions and shy away from researchers with big reputations at all institutions alike, who don't have the potential to accomplish much for your company.


“Innovation Labs” set up by big companies that pour large investments into them have a poor track record of success.  Two of the root causes of this failure are believed to be that in those environments, [i] innovators are not sufficiently separated from the rest of the business, and [ii] there is an insufficient insertion of relevant external collaboration to inspire true innovation.  We address these pain points for you by partnering with you to innovate and as needed pull in the additional crème of the innovation crop at a fraction of the investment it would take you to go it alone!

Let's Work Together

We believe in long term partnerships with our customers. 

Call us to start the discussion.

Tel: 248-975-7353 (SELE)

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