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Fiery Sun
  • Natural disasters present a skyrocketing increase in financial losses

  • Most businesses are unaware of their Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions

  • Atmospheric GHGs cause natural disasters, mortality & morbidity

  • All businesses are increasingly vulnerable to financial loss from climate change

  • SELE can help your business be a leader in the fight against climate change


  • Education & Training

  • Sustainability Reporting & ESG Strategy

  • Technology Advisory

  • Solution Design & Implementation

  • Original & Mature R&D Innovation

  • Advocacy

Consulting Services
Solar Energy

At SELE Solutions, LLC we meet you wherever you are on your sustainability journey and take you to the next level.  We offer technical consulting services to establish you leadership in sustaining your business and preserving our planet for future generations.  

Detroit Metropolitan Area, MI, USA

Tel: 248-975-7353 (SELE)

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