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Solar Panels in Mountains
The Full Story


At SELE Solutions we believe in solving our customers' sustainability challenges ​by using

  • A professional and disciplined approach to systems engineering during product/project design and execution.

  • Innovation driven by the need for sustainable solutions to enable the customer's long-term business success while also benefitting the planet for the survivability of future generations.


We have a strong track record of innovation, meticulous systems engineering and commercial product launch.  We form and maintain authentic long-term relationships built on trust and credibility through a consistent and painstaking dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

We have impeccable credibility, because of our track record to deliver with quality and because of our integrity.  We believe in walking the talk and doing right by others, we believe in being inspired by greatness when it displays itself in others, we believe in self-awareness and growth and above all we believe in a relentless sense of continuous improvement through learning and growth in all that we do.


Help each SELE customer evaluate the business risks and impacts of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, then help them establish their unique leadership by identifying, measuring, reporting, tracking, and reducing their Scope 1,2,3 emissions through the implementation of pertinent clean energy and sustainability technology solutions to enable their own long-term business success, while also benefiting society and future generations, and establishing their own lasting legacy.

Dedicate our expertise to meet each customer’s business needs with innovation, creativity, diligence, and reliability.


Be an Integral, productive contributor to a collaborative global effort to raise awareness, and effectively reduce corporate and industrial Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to Net-Zero, thereby reducing long-term business risk, due to climate change caused by GHGs, for every SELE customer.  Reducing GHGs will effectively reduce the intensity & frequency of natural disasters as well as the risk of health hazards, hence protect life, property and business success for future generations.

Message from the Founder, SELE Solutions, LLC

J.J. Sinkular, PhD

SELE Solutions pledges to always place the customer's Business Sustainability needs as its highest priority in creating Reliable, Efficient & Safe solutions.

Grateful to be blessed by working with inspirational customers, peers, team members, leaders, teachers at organizations where skilled, humble people with integrity survive, collaborate and make a productive difference for businesses, families, communities and for all humanity!

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