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Clean Energy Services

We want to help you make financial and environmental sense of the Clean Energy Solution you are seeking.


We take great pride in delivering work designed with meticulous systems engineering and diligent attention to every detail to exceed our customers' expectations and needs.

Custom PV Design Consulting

SELE Solutions can work with you to create a sustainable PV energy solution as custom as dictated by your imagination or your use cases, e.g. you may not want to drill into your rooftop, OR you may want an aesthetic solution limited to a specific structure that is NOT your roof, or you may want to incorporate solar with another energy source, e.g. geothermal energy, heat pumps, etc.  Regardless of your unique requirements, we will work with you to engineer and design a solution that satisfies your sustainable energy goals.  Of course if you fancy a standard, no-nonsense solution, we can help you with that as well.

SELE can then guide you with whatever part of the implementation process you would like support with, e.g. permitting, incentives, financing, installation, testing, inspection, monitoring, etc.


Regardless of whether you are a 2- person startup, a public/private school, a residential owner, a government agency or a large conglomerate, SELE can help educate you or your workforce or your student body regarding:

•U.S. Govt. Incentives, Mandates, hence Opportunities for Growth & Benefit

Energy Generation Potential of your Property

•Environmental Impacts of Doing Nothing!

Advocacy for Reliability and Professionalism in the PV Industry

The vibrant renewable energy opportunities created by the U.S. government incentives, unfortunately create a breeding ground for opportunists to obfuscate, make an unfair profit at your expense, or perform sub-par work or give you a sub-par solution!


SELE can help educate you and your organization.  Accurate knowledge is the best weapon to freeze out the ill-motivated!

Basics: Help You Understand Why You Should Bother to go PV!

The U.S. government has established several financial incentives to encourage commercial and residential customers to install sustainable energy solutions:

·         Federal Incentives, e.g. Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of 30% of the cost of your PV solution; 

·         State Incentives applicable to your State

·         Local Incentives applicable to your city, local area

In addition to the ITC, the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has additional credits and adders you/your business can benefit from. SELE can help!

Of course, if you care for your children, grandchildren, renewable energy is a no-brainer!

Advocacy for Justice, Equity, Inclusion

SELE can help your organizational goals for Environmental Social Governance (ESG):

•Leverage valuable human and land resources to accelerate the rollout of renewable energy, justice, equity and inclusion

•Expert trades(wo)men benefit from being trained in the latest technologies to bring their eager diligence to project success

•Raise the bar in disadvantaged communities as experts go back and educate others, snowballing into raising the community’s economy

•Leverage vacant land or upgrade vacant buildings – the Sun shines equally in all neighborhoods (given latitude and shading!)

•Build community and inclusion to rally around renewable energy & energy efficiency – a unifying, productive focus keeps trouble at bay!

Youth/Employee Technology Training

SELE can help your students or your employees gain a deep, practical understanding of the science and technology associated with the renewable energy of your choice.  Pick your technology and SELE can help!  Our science and engineering experiences help us crystallize such information in clear, digestible format that can inspire and motivate the next generation to innovate and excel in their fields!

Let's Work Together

We believe in long term partnerships with our customers.  Call us to start the discussion.

Tel: 248-975-SELE (7353)

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