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Sustainability Services

We want you to make business and environmental sense of the Sustainability Solution you are seeking.


We take great pride in delivering work designed with meticulous systems engineering and diligent attention to every detail to exceed our customers' expectations and their business needs.

SELE combines the founder’s experience (20+ yrs.) in systems engineering (electrical, mechanical, software, wireless telecommunications), data analytics, technology innovations and commercial product launch, hiring and leading competent, dedicated teams to deliver results and customer satisfaction, with (10+ yrs.) delving into the depths of physics that underlies most technologies, all in a desperate effort to aspire to accelerate the roll out of clean energy and sustainability to protect our planet, its people and its businesses for future generations.

Let's Work Together

We believe in long term partnerships with our customers.  Call us to start the discussion.

Tel: 248-975-SELE (7353)

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