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Forest Sunrays

Solution Implementation

Custom Engineering

SELE Solutions can work with your organization to create a sustainability or clean energy solution as custom as dictated by your use cases.  

We can then guide you through the implementation.

Implementation Referral

For a reliable renewable energy implementation, SELE will be glad to refer you to a seasoned general contractor with a warm-handoff that ensures clarity in intended services by the GC, be they install only or engineering, purchasing and installation.

For a reliable sustainability technology implementation, SELE can work with you to identify optimal prototyping partners and define and manage prototype development to KPIs defined or agreed upon by you.

Execution Management

To ensure a consistent interface that represents the best interest of your business, SELE can manage solution execution on your behalf to:

  • Bid out and manage renewable energy project installation by General Contractor(s) on your behalf.

  • Ensure all aspects of the renewable energy project are sufficiently addressed, including permitting, inspection, testing, financing, incentives, commissioning, monitoring, updates.

  • Similarly, as needed manage the implementation of a sustainability technology small scale manufacturing run.

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