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Updated: Apr 18

What type of business is yours? 

·       One that waits for a fire to erupt and then rewards those who put out the fire, or

·       One that puts the necessary processes in place to prevent the fire from ever occurring.


According to the KPMG Dec 2020 report, “The Time Has Come”,

·       40% of the N100 companies worldwide acknowledge the financial risks of climate change.

o    The N100 is a group of top 100 companies by revenue in 52 major countries, accounting for leading large and mid-cap firms.

·       Most major companies worldwide are now working towards meeting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets.

·       80% of N100 companies now report on sustainability annually.


SELE Solutions can help you establish your unique leadership in sustainability, by working with you and your team to

·       Establish your business priorities (material topics), both in terms of the impacts your business has on sustainability and the impacts climate change has on your business.

·       Create your sustainability report as per established industry standards, e.g. GRI, SASB, TCFD, including tracking your GHG footprint and reduction goals.

·       Identify opportunities to reduce negative impacts due to GHG emissions and unfavorable supply chain concerns.

·       Create detailed assessments for innovative technology solutions to help you move towards your goals and enable you to make decisions for long-term business success.

·       Execute on sustainability reporting, goal setting and solution implementation to reap the rewards of a sustainable business with investors and the community at large.

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