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Sustainability Reporting & Strategy

Energy Strategy

​​Energy strategy that relies on technology evaluations and a roadmap driven by feasibility analyses and updated over time based on trackable measurements that satisfy your business’ growing objectives.

SELE can analyze your energy usage and compare it against national peer groups to recommend energy cost savings opportunities.

Sustainability/ESG Strategy

Set your business apart by walking the talk.  Let SELE guide you in creating an actionable ESG strategy and roadmap to track and improve ratings, then maintain them at a level that inspires trust and admiration in your investors and customers.

SELE can help you measure your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, then define and execute a roadmap to reduce GHGs to Net-Zero.

Innovation Strategy

If you know where you want to take your business, let SELE help you grow as an industry technology leader with a comprehensive R&D strategy and roadmap that includes product, process and supply chain innovation that establish your leadership in sustainability alongside wholesome growth.

Sustainability Reporting

The European Union has recently passed the CSRD regulations which require corporations to report on their sustainability impacts on the economy, on society and on the environment as also the financial impacts of climate change on their business financials.  The U.S. will follow suit with similar regulations.  

SELE is trained to help your business with this reporting, which is the first step in establishing your leadership in protecting your bottom line, reducing financial risk, motivating your employees, impressing your investors and customers, and leaving a legacy of success.

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