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Technology Feasibility

Does it makes sense for your business to leverage sustainable energy technology, like solar PV for electricity, heat pumps for heating and cooling, or replacing a portion of your supply chain with clean, responsible alternatives? 


Discover how the decision will be impacted by your business’ energy needs, budgetary needs, government incentives, property characteristics, business products and processes. 


Discover how the decision will impact your business’ energy independence and carbon footprint.  SELE can help you make sensible, non-biased business decisions.

ESG Data Analytics

Your business’ ESG ratings are an important part of your reputation and play a key role in investors’ decision making.  In a climate where there is more talk than substance, SELE can drill down on specifics that can help you objectively demonstrate your good standing and establish your business’ credibility in this context.  SELE can help provide:

  • Data analytics to render your Environmental and Social positions as compared with national benchmarks.

  • Simulations to render how parameters that impact ESG ratings will improve over time to prioritize goal setting on your sustainable energy and/or ESG roadmap.

  • Data analytics to reveal the disadvantaged communities that could benefit the most from carbon footprint reduction, hence result in improvement of business ESG ratings if your business were to invest in these communities.

Product/ Technology Comparisons & Recommendations

If you’d like to see a thorough comparison between products or technologies you’ve been curious about, but haven’t had the resources on staff to take an unbiased deep dive look at, or if you’d like a recommendation for one, SELE can provide a detailed analysis based on spec sheets, test results and performance criteria. 


This analysis can target any sustainable energy technology or any business product or process technology that adds efficiency to your operations systems, hence to your carbon footprint, energy independence and efficiency.

Field Data Analytics

It goes without stating that for sustainable energy related business product and process improvements, data is king.  Of course, collecting the correct data and then analyzing it to draw useful inferences is even more important.  SELE can help your business by:

  • Working with stakeholders to define field data sets and upload mechanisms to capture sustainable energy technology real time performance data feeds.

  • Analyze the data to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Scenario Analysis Simulations

Are you curious to see how certain product or technology use cases might play out in the long term under different circumstances?  Would you like to see projections based on your business’ specific operations use cases?  SELE can help by creating in-depth projections and simulations, some examples shown below:

  • Energy usage simulations

  • Energy production simulations

  • Carbon footprint simulations

  • Financial impact simulations

Supply Chain Analysis & Discovery

If you’re not quite certain if your supply chain meets sustainability and global governance standards or if you’re looking for cost effective suppliers to fill a gap, SELE can work at a global level to identify and recommend solutions that will meet all the requirements.

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